mig26. You can pull the check-engine code for free at any Autozone. Might not be the same issue, but recently experienced a similar loss of power and it was a cylinder misfire code getting triggered by a failing ignition coil. My VT made it 85k before the first coil went, and at 88k this was the second failure. Detect the wheel speed of each of the 4 wheels. Stop Light Switch Assembly. If the driver depresses the accelerator pedal aggressively when initially acceleration or when accelerating on a slippery surface, the drive wheels could slip due to the excessive amount of torque that is generated. You should shift down through the gears with the clutch as you slow or stop, and can also shift down when you need more power to accelerate. Make certain you are riding slowly enough when you shift into a lower gear. If not, the motorcycle will lurch, and the rear wheel may skid.

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